Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is foodstems?

Foodstems is a social marketplace that facilitates direct sales from farmers to restaurants, retailers, and consumers. We ensure that farmers get their fair share of profit, while consumers know exactly who their food comes from, where it was produced, how and when it was made, and why.

Producers sell in bulk quickly using the auction sales setting or sell smaller quantities indefinitely with a normal inventory sale. Do business with the right buyers and sellers by checking reviews and ratings. Assert your values by rejecting buyers who do not share similar value systems. 

Do I need to link my bank account in order to use it?

You only need to link your bank account on Foodstems if you are selling products.

What are the fees involved?

As a beta user you receive one year of free transactions in the Foodstems marketplace. After 1 year, buyers are charged a commission fee of 12.5% and sellers 5%. protects each secure-transaction up to $10,000 USD.