Frequently Asked Questions


Blockchain is a digital ledger in which transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly. An untampered record is stored every time any of our products exchange hands. If a food borne illness were to occur, we would be able to look at the blockchain and track where that product came from, how it was delivered, and what other products could of resulted in cross contamination.

A cooperative purchasing model is where an entity, such as a restaurant, obtains goods and services by pooling its purchasing needs with the purchasing needs of other restaurants and consumers. A cooperative purchasing model allows farmers to move large volume quickly at a lower price to the restaurant.

Foodstems charges a commission of 5% from the seller and 12.5% from the buyer. A $10 delivery fee is charged per order to the buyer to cover delivery costs.

The Foodstems model provides clients with the freshest and highest quality product possible at an affordable price with the convenience of delivery. Product is picked up at the farm the day before, loaded onto a refrigerated truck, and then delivered to the restaurant the next day. Our solution controls the entire supply chain, making food safety and logistics a streamlined and efficient process. All of our farmers are held to the highest standards in terms of quality. Our farmers’ products are grown organically and vetted before listing any of their products on the platform. Chefs are able to plan a more seasonally curated menu by looking at upcoming products available in the future.

Farmers are immediately paid a 20% down-payment when the restaurant orders any product. Once the restaurant receives and confirms the order is satisfactory, 80% of the remaining funds are immediately sent to the farmer’s bank account.

Restaurants choose which specific day they want their deliveries. Every restaurant is notified with an estimated time of arrival via SMS text along every step of the way: when the truck is loaded and ready to begin the route and when the delivery before them on the route has been signed off.